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Womack Opposes Continuing Resolution, Calls on Congress to Deliver Full-Year Appropriations Now

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Washington, DC—December 2, 2021….Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) released the below statement after voting against today’s proposed continuing resolution (CR) and called on Congress to stop punting its constitutional funding responsibilities. He feels strongly that kicking the fiscal realities facing this country down the road is irresponsible and believes members should be acting now to pass full...

Womack Statement on Voting Against “Build Back Broke”

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Washington, DC—November 19, 2021....Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) issued the following statement after opposing House Democrats’ “Build Back Broke” bill, which would institute a multi-trillion-dollar tax-and-spend spree. The legislation is not “paid for” as previously claimed, will implement the largest tax increases in history—giving the United States the highest combined federal and state pers...

Womack, Lawmakers Press President Biden on Hypocritical COVID-19 Standards

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Washington, DC—November 18, 2021….Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3), alongside Congressmen Andrew Clyde (GA-9) and Clay Higgins (LA-3) and other House Republican members, today pressed President Biden on his hypocritical COVID-19 standards and demanded a plan on how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will test every migrant at the southern border. The lawmakers wrote, in part, “Due to your ad...

Womack Statement on "Infrastructure" Bill

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Washington, DC—November 5, 2021....Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) released the below statement after voting against tonight’s “infrastructure” bill, which is part of the Democrats’ multi-trillion-dollar tax-and-spend package: “Arkansans want a legitimate and focused infrastructure plan. We are talking about building a modernized system through strategic investments in things like roads, bridges, ...

Womack, Lawmakers Warn Biden Administration of Migrant Caravan

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Washington, DC—November 4, 2021....Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) today joined lawmakers in urging Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to take action in advance of the 3,000 migrants that will reach our Southern Border in the coming weeks. The members note their serious concerns about the preparation strategy for the incoming migrant caravan, pointing to recent secu...

Womack Fights Federal Overreach, Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

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Washington, DC—November 4, 2021....Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) today helped introduce the No Vaccine Mandate Act, legislation to prevent the Biden Administration from enacting its announced vaccine mandate on U.S. private businesses and workers. The bill would fight unprecedented federal government overreach by preventing appropriated funds from being used to implement the Occupational Safety ...

Reps. Womack and Luria Introduce Bipartisan American Telecommunications Security Act

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Washington, DC—November 4, 2021....U.S. Representatives Steve Womack (R-AR-3) and Elaine Luria (D-VA-2) today introduced the American Telecommunications Security Act, bipartisan legislation prohibiting the use of American Rescue Plan Act funds to purchase telecommunications equipment manufactured by the Chinese firms Huawei and ZTE. Rep. Womack said, “Communist China is actively working to target ...

VIDEO: Womack Urges Budget Reforms, Addressing Unsustainable Debt

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Washington, DC—November 3, 2021....Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) today delivered remarks calling for budget and appropriations reforms and ordering Congress to address our nation’s unsustainable fiscal trajectory. During his speech, he voiced his support for the Fiscal State of the Nation Resolution, legislation which would require the Comptroller General to present the Financial Report of the U...

ICYMI: Womack Demands Answers from Biden Administration on Reports of Payments to Illegal Migrants

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Washington, DC—November 2, 2021….Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) joined Congressman Fred Upton (MI-6) and other Republican lawmakers in demanding answers from Attorney General Merrick Garland, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra following reports stating the Biden Administration is considering paying $450,000 per person to families...

Womack Appears Before House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Questions Reform Implementation

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Watch Congressman Womack’s remarks and questioning here. Washington, DC—October 27, 2021….Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) today appeared before the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs regarding previous oversight failures at the Fayetteville VA Medical Center. He shared information related to the egregious misconduct of a former pathologist and questioned VA leadership about implementing further...

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