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Times Record: Womack To Chamber: ‘Best Days Ahead’ For Fort Smith

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More than 3,300 jobs have been created in Fort Smith over the past two years, with the single largest jobs announcement in the state occurring in Fort Smith, according to the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce. Fort Smith’s transportation and logistics, manufacturing, health care, higher education and customer service sectors, as well as the Air National Guard 188th Wing,…

Times Record: Womack Honors Veterans At Golden Living Event

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One of the greatest pieces of the American fabric is that the nation’s military is made up of those who volunteer themselves in order to serve and protect the country, U.S. Rep. Steve Womack, R-Rogers, said at a Thursday Veterans Day event. The ceremony at the Golden Living administrative center in Fort Smith was held to honor of the company’s veteran employees, the…

Times Record: Are You Bullish On Fort Smith

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Rep. Steve Womack, R-Rogers, says he’s “bullish on Fort Smith,” and he offers compelling support for his position. Speaking last week to the Times Record editorial board, Rep. Womack described himself as a “fundamentals guy,” and said Fort Smith has all the fundamentals for a great city. From its scenic beauty to its strategic location, from its river and rail transportation to its…

Harrison Daily Times: Moore, Womack Have It Right About Recovering Addicts

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Drug addiction is not a pleasant subject, and those in attendance at the Boone County Recovery Project on Tuesday, Sept. 23, at North Arkansas College heard some unpleasant stories about drug addiction.  Boone County Sheriff Mike Moore and Third District Congressman Steve Womack told of personal experiences with drug addicts. Womack’s were especially heart breaking, since they dealt…

Harrison Daily Times: Womack unveils JOE Act

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The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 required the implementation of nutrition standards for foods sold in schools. Prior to this law’s passage, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) did not have authority to establish regulatory requirements for food sold in other areas of the school campus or at other times of the day. In June 2013, the USDA published an interim final rule to…

Times Record: Womack Slams USDA School Nutrition Rules

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Rep. Steve Womack is hoping to keep the java flowing at Harrison High School’s House of Grounds. Womack, a Republican from Rogers, filed legislation on Wednesday that would exempt such school-based enterprises from new federal nutrition standards aimed at improving healthy meal choices at schools. “This is yet another example of out-of-touch Washington bureaucrats tightening their grip…

Harrison Daily Times: Feds Shutter Enterprise; Womack Vows Legislature to Get Goverment off Backs

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A coffee shop located at Harrison High School could be getting some new wall decorations courtesy of Congressman Steve Womack. The Third District representative made the school one of his stops during his Harrison tour on Thursday. Womack visited the House of Grounds, a coffee shop operated by the school’s DECA program. According to DECA sponsor Chris Dorman, the coffee shop…