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Policy Update: The Iran Deal

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As you may know, last night Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer of New York publically announced that he will oppose the Iran nuclear deal when it comes to the Senate for a vote.  Now, Senator Schumer and I agree on practically nothing – but I cannot stress how much I agree with his position and how much his stance matters to Congress’s ability to ultimately defeat one of the…

Policy Update: Arkansas’s Role in Defending our Nation

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There is no question that Arkansans understand the importance of a well-trained, well-equipped military. But did you know how much federal defense investments affect our state?  Many Arkansans would be surprised to know that the number one export from our state is aerospace. This includes the missiles and rockets manufactured by almost 3,100 employees in Camden, Arkansas. In the…

Policy Update: Obamacare

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Obamacare has increased costs for families and businesses alike, killed jobs, made full-time employment harder to find, and limited choice in and access to health care; it’s no wonder that it’s more unpopular than ever.  Even President Obama knows Obamacare isn’t working – he has signed into law nine bills which repeal or defund parts of it and has made unilateral changes or delays…

Policy Update: The OFCCP

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Federal contractors, companies that provide goods and services to the federal government, must meet certain non-discrimination, affirmative action, and equal employment opportunity requirements to do business with the federal government.  To ensure federal contractors are meeting their obligations, the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DoL) Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs…

Policy Update: The VA Scandal

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Americans are empowered when their government works for – not against – them.  But as you know, the federal government has faced quite a few scandals as of late, including the IRS targeting scandal, the attack in Benghazi, and the VA scandal.  In this week’s policy update, I will discuss the VA scandal and what Congress has done in response to the revelation that some within the…

Policy Update: A Workforce for the 21st Century

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This month, as I travel around the district and hear Arkansans’ thoughts on important issues facing our country, I want to take the time update you on issues on which Congress has been working.  This week, I want to talk about legislation that will strengthen the U.S. labor force and keep American businesses competitive.  In 1998, Congress passed the Workforce Investment Act of…

Happy Independence Day!

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Dear Friends: In July 1776, George Washington was preparing for the defense of New York City.  British vessels filled the harbor, and the apprehension was palpable.  A communication sent by Continental Congress President John Hancock and dated July 6, 1776, arrived at the general’s headquarters.  The letter instructed Washington to share the contents of an enclosed…

A Third District Connection to Father’s Day

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  Garished neckties, potent cologne, and child-made cards with “I luv you” scribbled in red crayon will be placed in the large, open hands of doting fathers across Arkansas’s Third Congressional District this Sunday.  To all you fathers out there, enjoy the day; you are worth celebrating.  Fathers teach and inspire us.  They strengthen us.  They guide us. …

Memorial Day

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In remarks to a gathering at the Hillcrest Cemetery in Gravette, Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) paid tribute to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who have died in service to this nation.  Womack used the account of the “Morenci Nine," nine members of Morenci, Arizona’s Class of 1966, who enlisted in the Marine Corps as the war in Vietnam was raging.  They were…

Happy Easter!

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Dear Friends: This weekend, people around the world will be united in a special way as we celebrate Easter.  As you wrap up your weeks and consider the days ahead, let us take a moment to reflect on the season's true joy. Christ made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live through Him.  It is with…

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