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Policy Update: Obamacare

Obamacare has increased costs for families and businesses alike, killed jobs, made full-time employment harder to find, and limited choice in and access to health care; it’s no wonder that it’s more unpopular than ever

Even President Obama knows Obamacare isn’t working – he has signed into law nine bills which repeal or defund parts of it and has made unilateral changes or delays to the law 25 times.  In fact, there have been so many delays and exemptions granted by President Obama, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently acknowledged that it can no longer estimate the budgetary impact of the law

But Americans don’t need false promises or smoke and mirror fixes from the President; they need relief from Obamacare.  This relief isn’t going to come on its own. Unfortunately, President Obama is hell-bent on protecting his signature legislation, and Democrats in the Senate are making it easy for him to do so by failing to act on literally hundreds of bills the House has passed this Congress.  59 of these bills specifically provide relief from some of the most egregious parts of Obamacare, including the individual and employer mandates, the medical device excise tax, the contraception mandate, and the 40-hour work week.  

It’s provisions like these and the laundry list of promises made about Obamacare that have been broken that continue to drive the law’s growing unpopularity; this comes as no surprise to House Republicans.  We believe that Americans are empowered when they are free to make their own decisions about their health care.  That means they should be able to choose the health care plan they want, which doctors they see, and the costs they can afford – not the federal government.

Until we are able to repeal and replace Obamacare in its entirety, we will continue to fight for common sense solutions that actually reduce health care costs and empower patients, states, and employers with better – and more – choices in health care; solutions like strengthening health savings accounts, selling insurance across state lines, making medical liability reforms, and equalizing tax treatment for Americans buying coverage on their own.  We’ll continue to work for reforms that protect patients and our most vulnerable, such as modernizing Medicaid, providing coverage for pre-existing conditions, and reauthorizing high-risk pools.  And we will continue to pass legislation that chips away at Obamacare to provide the American people as much relief from this train-wreck-of-a-law as we can.

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