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Click here to go directly to the House Clerk's Roll Call vote webpage, but you may want to read the helpful tips below before doing so.

Who Keeps Track of Votes?

The Clerk of the House of Representatives maintains a list of votes for each motion and piece of legislation that is voted on by the full House. These are called "roll call votes."

How can I look up a vote cast by Congressman Womack?

Simply follow the easy steps listed below to look up a vote cast by Congressman Womack or any other member. Note: You may want to read all of the steps before clicking on the appropriate links.

Step 1

Visit the Clerk's Roll Call Votes page. Each vote for the current Congress and previous Congresses will be listed on this page. 

Step 2

To see how members voted, locate the motion or legislation you are looking for and click the Roll Call Number, which will take you to a list indicating how each member voted, including Congressman Womack.

Step 3

After clicking on the appropriate roll, you will be able to search by name, party, state, and the vote.

How can I look up votes from previous years?

Visit the Clerk's Roll Call Votes page and select a different session of Congress in the drop down menu on the right located under “Congress.”

Why doesn't the office maintain its own list of votes on this webpage?

Direct access and instructions on how to use the Clerk's records provide the most immediate and complete access to all votes cast by Congressman Womack.
Date Roll Call # Bill Question Vote Bill Name
166 H.Res. 260 On the Resolution Aye
165 H.Res. 260 On Ordering the Previous Question Yea
164 H.R. 1107 On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass, as Amended Yea
163 H.R. 1154 On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass Yea
162 H.Con.Res. 25 On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Agree Yea
161 H.R. 5 On Passage of the Bill Aye
160 H.R. 5 On the Motion to Recommit Nay
159 On the Amendment No
158 On the Amendment No
157 On the Amendment No
156 On the Amendment No
155 On the Amendment No
154 On the Amendment Aye
153 On the Amendment Aye
152 On the Amendment No
151 On the Amendment No
150 On the Amendment No
149 H.J.Res. 30 Passage, Objections of the President To The Contrary Notwithstanding Yea
148 H.R. 406 On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass Yea To provide for the treatment of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations as an international organization for purposes of the International Organizations Immunities Act, and for other purposes.
147 H.Res. 241 On the Resolution Aye

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