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Womack Opposes Democrats’ Far-Left Tax-and-Spend Bill

Washington, DC—August 12, 2022....Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) released the following statement after voting against the Senate Amendment to H.R. 5376, which should be entitled the “Inflation, Recession, and IRS Army Act.” He opposed the Democrats’ radical spending bill, which will raise taxes during a recession, empower the IRS to conduct more audits against Americans, impose a punishing Made-in-America business tax, and increase inflation through more reckless spending. He also authored an op-ed for Fox News on the truths of this misguided legislation this week:

“The unadulterated facts of this bill are clear. As 40-year high inflation crushes Americans, Democrats are hiking taxes, supercharging the IRS to audit middle-class families and small businesses, and spending billions to implement their Green New Deal agenda. Tree equity and subsidies for new luxury electric vehicles will do nothing to help everyday people struggling to pay for gas and groceries. They are sorely out of touch with the needs of the nation.”

Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3) has represented Arkansas’s Third Congressional District since 2011. He is a member of the House Appropriations Committee.



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