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How Congress Works


How does a bill become a law?

Looking for more info ona  certain bill? Visit THOMAS on the Library of Congress' website. There you'll find the bill you're looking for including the entire text, sponsors and cosponsors, and current state in the legislative process. You can ALWAYS contact my office with questions as well. We're to help!

For a list of my sponsored and cosponsored legislation, click HERE.  

House Schedule

Keep up to date with with the House Calendar, published by the House Majority Leader. This site will let you know when the House is in session, or back home for constituent work weeks. You can also see what bills are being debated on the House Floor HERE.

House Proceedings

To find find archived video of past sessions, click HERE.
For live House proceedings, visit C-SPAN's website
For transcripts of recent House floor proceedings, you can search the Congressional Record


For more information on how to read votes and to view my voting record, click HERE.

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