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Newton County

County Seats:  Jasper
Largest City:  Jasper
Land Area:  822.97 Square Miles
Population:  8,330 (2010 Census)
Founded:  1842
Named For
Thomas W. Newton, an Arkansas Congressman.

More Facts:


  • Newton County can be described as mountainous, rural, and isolated.
  • The land, once respected and protected by Native Americans, has come full circle with a large portion being protected by the U.S. Department of the Interior as a wilderness area.
  • The popularity of the comic strip Li’l Abner created interest in an amusement park, and with a name change, Marble Falls became Dogpatch. Dogpatch USA opened in 1968 and employed residents of Newton County and neighboring Boone County, both in the construction of the park and as employees. The amusement park never hosted the projected number of visitors (one million by its tenth year). When the comic strip ceased publication, the free publicity disappeared, and the park’s isolated location failed to draw the anticipated traffic. Financial problems brought changes in ownership, and after several attempts to revive the park, it closed in 1993.

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